Humans of Ada

Teacher Edition

“As the Health Corps coordinator, I am obviously passionate about health and wellness…but I wasn’t always. My nick-name used to be Little Debbie because I lived off of the snack cakes and ate a ton of unhealthy processed foods. Changing my lifestyle and building new habits was the best decision I have ever made. Not only did I eat more nutritious food, and exercise more, I changed the way I saw myself and how I related to the environment and those around me. I found endless energy, vitality, and happiness. I also found strength and determination that I never knew I had. If you’ve never had a healthy and active lifestyle, its hard to imagine what being in shape and eating well feels like, but once you begin thriving in this new lifestyle you”ll never want to go back to old habits. Our bodies are our temples and the only place we have to live– we should want to take care of it and treat it with the respect and love it deserves. It all starts with loving yourself, knowing your value, and striving for more. We all deserve to be healthy and thriving, and every person has the power to do so.” -Autumn Yoder



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