AP Language Students Produce Commercials

This year’s AP Language and Composition students were given an assignment to create their own commercials using the persuasive appeals of ethos (ethics and credibility), pathos (emotion), and logos (logic).  Don’t forget to comment below to vote for your favorite!


Life Alert by Abbie Gandy, Sylver Davis, Cory Robertus and Taylor Porter


Slick Socks by Whitni Simpson and Kaitlin Blankenship


Shoes by Cadey Netherton, Paul Harris, Shelby Meaders and Jorge Alvarez


Elite Cat Gear by Bri Iorga, Mackenzie Bratton, Lindsey Bean and Calli Vandegriff


Why You Should Buy M&Ms by Rylee Shurtleff, Adrianne Loy and Addie Mann


Mouthwash by Jackson McFarlane and Zach Powell


Handy Hands by Garrett Christian, Ross Kemp and Dylan FIsher


Get A Mac by Mitchell Galbreaith, Olivia Beall, Caleb Manning and Will Pottebaum


Ardmore No More by Gillian Cloar, Maggie Summers and Lakshana Ramakrishnan


American Flag by Bryce Marshall, Hope McDonald and Makenna Strunk


Save a Cactus by Razia Riaz and Karsyn Johnson


Cheetos by Nik Newby, Ethan Clark and Lincoln Gibson


Protect Your Phone by Trace Turney, Chris Spain, Ryan Cosar and Harrison Boggs


P.A.W.S. by Hannah Price, Mikayla Emarthle, Madalyn Jaques and Maddie Smith


MMA Self Defense by Colbi Hargus, Nicole Lowry and Sadie Criswell


Add-A-Few by Kayleigh Taylor, Iris Arredondo and Summer Wilbanks


Wild Rice by Heather Manuel, Sierra Cooper and Teal Mankin


Milk-Bone by Lauryn and Ally Hawkins


DJ KHALED by Chris Allen


Marching Band by Jaron Keith, Nathan Fountain, Eric Crowell and George Benefield


Jeep by McKinlee Stafford and Meredyth Morris


Paper Mate by Kendal Nickerson and Lindsey Manuel


We Can Do It by Emily Bagwell, Maleigha Cowart, Anderson Allen and Jackson Southard


Madly Perfume by Madison Urlaub, Emily Rhyne and Madyson Mitchell