Porcelain Doll

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Porcelain Doll

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People look but do not see.
Behind their smile is a scream.
Fragile, they are constantly trying to
Put themselves back together.

They laugh.
But they really want to cry.
Hidden within them
Is a faintly beating heart.

They shiver at the smallest breeze.
Because it’s been so long since
They had felt any warmth.
They’re a porcelain doll.

You set them on a shelf.
Expect them to be happy with that.
They sit day by day, silently
Crying for someone to see.

But no one sees.
Because no one wants to see,
Beyond the painted on smile.
Tear tracks hidden by a painted on face.

One day, they moved from the shelf.
Falling from the edge to the ground.
Shattered, finally able to be seen,
By those who said they loved them.

Red, stains the ground.
People are crying, saying
That they never told them.
But they did.

In those small actions.
The pain in their eyes.
A life, forever gone
Unable to proceed.

Because you placed them,
On a shelf.
High above the ground.
So high you couldn’t hear their screams.

Now they’re gone.
And is fading from your memory.
Because, in the end,
No one remembers a porcelain doll.